What’s Trending In Home Automation?

Trending In Home Automation

Earlier automation companies preferred to outsource their task due to cheaper labor. But the scenario has changed as the labor cost is five times higher than it was 12 years back. Research proves that the wages are likely to rise by 18 percent. Companies are now reconsidering off shoring with Chinese works being aware of their work conditions and start retaliating in the form of strikes and threatening suicide. The problem turned out to be serious for Foxconn Technology Group that they want to reconsider outsourcing to China. The present scenario has opened up avenues in the US. A recent cover story in the Atlantic revealed that the Future could be in America. The US companies are now bringing work back from China and other countries into America.

Automated robotics

It is believed that operating automation in a foreign land is not as effective as doing the same in the US. Companies looking for onshore production find automated robotics ideal. With companies not happy with the quality of products produced offshore, most companies wish to relocate their production base onshore. Moreover managing production at a far off destination is a major challenge the companies face. Automation has changed the life of manufacturers as they can now have control of the quality and can respond to the changing markets effectively. Automated production gives complete control of finance and logistics.

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Tax soaps

The expectation of consumers grows in terms of quality and service working onshore gives an opportunity to cover the lead time. It also helps to keep up with the market demand. It gives an opportunity shift labor to handle various tasks. Moreover, the US government has a proposal of tax relief for those companies bringing back jobs to America. These incentives can move the clock in favor of bringing outsourced work back onshore.

DIY Automation

DIY systems are more than just plugs and sockets. It has customized advanced systems and has revolutionized the home entertainment systems. Two systems that have created ripples are the Lowes’ Iris and Revolv. These two systems are easy to setup and come with some remarkable functions. They help to control the lights, security features, temperature and more. All this can be done through a single app. Though, a major drawback of the system is that it cannot be integrated with home entertainment products. Controlling your media gear with Staples or Iris is not possible.

Automated kitchen appliances

Automated features are being talked about for the present and future home appliances. LG in a press conference presented text messaging to the refrigerator to check for beer. Similarly, Samsung brought out notifications for the oven. There are more ideas around and they will be incorporated into the products sooner or later. It is expected that Belkin will launch wireless slow cooker quickly.

Security is a major concern

Homes loaded with automated products live in constant fear of malfunction. If people are so used to using automated products they always shiver at the fact they have to live without automated products. People start to feel insecure. Security is a major concern for automated products. Some of the security features include IP camera, contact sensors and leak detectors. These technologies are easier to setup and feel secure.

Internet of Things

The buzz today is the Internet of Things. It is expanding to automate and protect the systems at home. It is very tempting to check out home automation. The automation can be integrated with your HVAC remote, home theater, home security system, lighting and other devices available at home. The major cause of concern in home automation is security. Privacy implications and who has access to the information and controls your appliances plays a great role. Basic access assurances have to be given. All these concerns have to be addressed to connect to the future. When connected to multiple devices there are some proprietary components. It helps to bring in open source into home automation. It shows which device can be linked to which device.

We have used locks for ages, now it is time for smart locks. You can now control your gadgets using smart locks. This means wirelessly, either using your Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and it enhances the security without having to worry about the cost. For a couple of dollars, you can adopt more automation for your homes.

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