The Significance Of Home Automation System In Day To Day Life

home automation

Saving on the energy bill has become crucial for many households, and this is made possible by choosing the right home automation system. One of the smartest ways to save money includes turning off the lights automatically when not in use. You can get in touch with us for more info on Home automation solutions in chennai.

Geolocating App to spot family members

Some apps can help in geolocation. The IF app is designed for both iOS and Android. One bulb is assigned to a user, and each creates a different color recipe through their smartphone from a different location. It may not be advised to create bulb for the purpose, but a Spark Core Development board for LEDs is considered the right choice. A small strip can be fixed to the LED connected to the monitor.

Call notification for Android

The lack of sandboxing has given the advantage for Android devices to support automation. The Hue Pro is linked with Hue Pro Tasker to trigger your lighting actions. Call notification can be triggered on your Android tied up to a specific number by helping you assign specific contacts and colors or even calls. Wi-Fi is another option to turn on the lights when you enter your home. The triggers are time specific. This ensures the lights are not turned on unnecessarily.

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Reminding a break

People working from home can be absorbed in work that they may forget to take a break. This could be damaging to the health. It is important to take small breaks, and now it is possible with Pomodoro technique. It reminds you to take a break every 25 minutes for 5 minutes. The Android app uses your Hue to indicate the break times. For those preferring long breaks, it is best to build a capacitance sensor that can reset the timer automatically once you sit down on your working chair again. Doing this with Arduino is easy. The code is simple and with a strip of RGB LEDs and amplifier for lighting the room.

Ambient colored lighting

From the house of Philips is the fancy light build designed especially for your smart homes. The Ambient Colored Lighting is now available with Philips TVs that reflect the picture to your screen. It strain on the eye is reduced especially while watching in the dark. It also gives you an increasing immersion giving you a feel of watching on a large TV as the picture is extended. Hue bulbs can be added to this to reflect the image into the living room. This is possible with Ambilight capable TV.

Showcase your mood

Did you know you that your sentiments can be automated? It can be done by adding mood hash tag to your tweets. IFTTT recipes react to the tag. For every mood, there is a color associated. To track your mood associate it with a color and remember there is a 15-minute delay in the process.

Children’s education

Check out this Hue Bloom table lamp. It works with the iPad application. It can make bedtime stories interactive. A Hue range is added to the app, but it has a few bugs. This is especially for kids that have trouble settling for a story.

Automated sleep training

Sleep training is a challenge for parents and little ones. Hue bulbs are used to indicate the wake-up time for your toddlers. Even RGB strips are used to indicate the wakeup time. Alarm is used to schedule the Hue activating the bedtime. A blue can change into a red in the morning triggering the wakeup mood. Your little one will understand that it is time to get up from the bed and make noise.

Modern homes are dressed with lighting automation. Latest technologies are designed to provide safety and security all at a reasonable price. Homes are designed to meet the expectations of the residents. Begin with a single room to start with if you want to automate the house. There are thousands of lighting and locks that can turn your home into a smart home. Lighting systems can sound an alarm when someone trespasses your home. The doors, blinds, and shades can be opened and closed at a push of a button. Entertainment and communication gadgets can also be automated giving your family complete control and peace of mind.

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