How smart home technology can reduce insurance Premium?

How smart home technology can reduce insurance Premium?

Home is the place we spend most of our quality time. It is place that holds a lot of memories we relish down the path of life. It is a place where we relax and sleep in peace. But if your neighborhood is threatened by trespassers with evil intentions then it is time to act immediately to put these miscreants at bay. There are other concerns like flooding, fire that can damage your property. These unexpected incidents can turn your life upside down. Act immediately to put these concerns to rest with the help of superior and advanced Home automation company in Chennai.

Advance complete home automation solutions

  • Smart alarm alert system during the day
  • Automatic thermostat adjustments in real time
  • Controlling access to the doors
  • Automated lighting control – self turning on and off of lights using motion detection sensors

Smart home installations go a step beyond convenience and safety in delivering peace of mind to individuals and their families. Home automation comes with insurance discounts.

How smart home technology can reduce insurance Premium?

Importance of full home automation for insurance companies

Apart from safety you can receive considerable savings on smart home installations. reveals that most insurance companies see a huge opportunity in connected devices in the future. There is a lot of money involved in the process. There is huge money involved in the process. When you head for work there is no need to worry about pipe breaks or flood water invading your home if you install a smart flood sensor with automated valve control. Notification is sent to your smartphone and you will be able to shut down the supply immediately preventing any untoward incident.

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Some of the home automation products that attract the attention of insurance companies include smart locks that help you lock and unlock remotely via your smartphone or internet linked devices. Smart smoke detector signals caution as soon as it detects fire, smoke, carbon monoxide. The device can be configured to inform the fire station immediately. Leak detection can notify the homeowner on leaks from pipes, washing machines, dishwasher or sinks.

Home automation and control beneficial for insurance companies

Home automation comes as an advantage for insurance companies. Homeowners are protected from property damage through intelligent home automation systems. This means the insurance companies may more money through premiums as the claims are minimal. In turn it can earn homeowners attractive discounts. The payouts are less for insurance companies and hence they are attracted to homes installed with home automation products.

Once your home is automated, you can negotiate your premium cost. Show the insurance company that you are proactive in protecting your home and have taken necessary steps to safeguard their property from damage. A small initiative can give you an opportunity to garner better discounts. Show your insurance provider the effort taken and they are sure to reduce your premiums. In case they do not care for your efforts there is always an option to switch service providers.

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