Multi-Room Audio and Video Distribution


Entertainment is redefined with Multi-room HD. The entertainment needs of the people changes constantly and the new era are experiencing revolution with Multi-Room Audio and Video Distribution system. The traditional system was analogue and sharing high-quality signals across rooms was a challenge. Now digital multi-room HD technology combats this challenge by providing quality signals and superior content. High-quality audio and video is the advantage of this system which was not possible earlier. People can experience theatre-like experience using this technology. Large families can enjoy their time together watching great videos and television programs using this technology.

Multi-room HD technology is a complete entertainment package for your family. Children can be part of the family entertainment using this technology. People who visit theatres for better visual and sound experience can now turn to this technology. Parents can now heave a sigh of relief as they have complete control of what content their kids are watching without compromising on their spirit. Kids can forget about late night movies with the theatre like experience available at home round the clock. Wireless connectivity has taken multi-room to new heights. Forget about clumsy wires hanging around the house. Now enjoy the convenience of plug and play solution. You can play music in different rooms with Smartphone control. Moreover, it is cost effective when compared to the hard-wired installation. Automation companies in Chennai are moving in this direction to provide a comprehensive entertainment solution to their clients.

This year’s home movie demo room included Barco’s Loki 4K projector, Auro Technologies; Transformer motorized screen and other innovative technologies. There were many impressive demos found this year, JBL’s Home Theatre being one of them. This year’s demo showcased several of JBL’s products, with 18-inch subwoofers and amplifiers among them. JBL is also planning to introduce a digital equalizer, to provide ARCOS and Optimization System.

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Auro Technologies showcased their high-end immersive audio, playing Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D in their home cinema demo room. Luxury Audio and Auro Technologies introduced their hardware product range, StormAudio, and GalaxisAudio along with providing technical support 24/7 to distributors during ISE.

Dual-format found in the demo room, accomplished with Triad speakers, powered by MENSA sound processor from GalaxisAudio and StromAudio power amplifier. The high-end product line of GalaxisAudio focuses specifically on luxury and design whereas StromAudio line of home theatre focuses on high reliability, audio quality, and easy integration.

Yves Trélohan, Auro’s vice president, says that ISE was an incredible success for Auro and also that it provided a great platform to showcase their new division of hardware products. He also said that the positive feedbacks made him feel excited.

Demo room of Barco Residential demo room was showcased the Loki 4K’s pre-production projector version. It is the maiden 9-inch laser projector. The demo also featured Thor laser 6P projector by the same company. Also, the in-wall sound system was also in the demo room. The sound system was Steinway Lyngdorf’s; the room also had Stewart Filmscreen’s screen and CATS acoustics.

The contents played were by Bel Air, who is Barco Residential’s partner; Kaleidescape UHD content was also played. Kaleidescape’s CEO, Cheena Srinivasan claimed that it was a stunning cinema experience with a giant screen and amazing image quality and also praised the high-end products by renowned brands.

Barco Residential’s director, Tim Sinnaeve said that Europe’s main trade show, ISE has given a great opportunity to set a benchmark for their brand. He also said that the number of people and visitors told them that the people experienced the best home theatre ever and that it suggested that they have succeeded in their aim. He also spoke about their latest Loki 4K phosphor laser projector, which will start being shipped this year. He mentioned that the customers were also interested in their LED direct wall solutions.

Another innovative product was the Transformer screen- which adjusts itself to design the appropriately sized display for the picture. The screen is motorized. The rollers at the either end contracts or expands under the control of the remote.

Another screen, ZERO-G, by SI, appeared to be floating in the air. This is a motorized projection screen, which rolls down the screen when it is not turned on. Stewart Filmscreen introduced their latest transparent screen, Harmony. This screen was coupled with Dolby Atmos, which enhanced its performance. Harmony is also available as a fixed wall screen.  Vijita U.G, Stewart Filmscreen’s marketing manager, said that visitors would have never experienced such huge and sophisticated home theatres before.

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