Top Automation Trends To Make Your Home Ultra Smart

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Have you ever stepped out of home and stopped in hesitation, wondering if you’ve locked the garage, turned off the stove, or left the shower running? If one calls for a show of hands, we’d all pretty much have our hands in the air!
At a time when the Harry Potter films were a craze, some people wished for that magic wand and a few spells to magically take care of conveniences around the house.

Well, the time has come, and it’s even better than magic. Welcome to the world of advanced technology and hi-fi automation!

Read more to know the automation ideas and trends that will help you manage your home with the latest that technology has to offer!

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Understanding Home Automation

Just imagine that ALL the devices in your home are connected to the internet. And you hold power to control these devices through your smartphone or any such device via the internet.

Your physical presence is not required. Yet, you can check on your pets, set the security alarm, or turn off the oven. How cool is that!?

As much as it sounds like Harry Potter’s magic, it isn’t. This is the Internet of Things – a crucial component of smart home automation.

Home Automation can include activities as simple as turning off lights to complex solutions like home surveillance.

Smart Security

Home and family security is the main reason for people opting to use smart technology.

Security systems of today come with wireless options. Cameras come in sizes as small as a coin but loaded with pixels that can give you a 3D view of your home- on a real-time basis!

Smart security options extend beyond the closed-circuit camera. Let’s take, for example, that you do not want to make it evident that your home is empty. Automated security systems will turn on the lights for a pre-set period. Even better is the fact that you can control the burglar alarm from your smartphone, even if you are thousands of miles away.

To keep your loved ones safe and sound, here are some of the fantastic range of products you can choose from:

  • Smart locks
  • Smoke alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Smart water sensors
  • Smart fencing
  • Video Doorbells
  • Ultra-smart cameras
  • Voice-controlled lighting systems

Gadgets like Arlo Ultra, Wyze Cam Pan, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and August Smart Lock Pro are some of the best automation products that will safeguard your home with hi-tech security.

Smart Kitchen Equipments

The kitchen is another vital area in the home that screams for automation. The smart kitchen is becoming a huge trend because it is a place where a family spends a great deal of time. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home already have their designated spots on the kitchen counter. They are doling out recipes off the internet or crooning away your favorite songs while you cook.

Taking things to the next level, the Internet of Things is starting to connect with kitchen appliances. It won’t be long before your refrigerator tells you what food it contains or a stove switches on with your voice command.

Smart Health and Well Being

Automated Home Lighting System By Delfin

Smart automation is making a transition from the “now-so-common” pedometer, fitness tracker, heart-rate tracker, and a plethora of other fitness gadgets.

  • So, what’s new in the healthcare arena?
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field device- to maintain blood flow in your body.
  • Smart air-purifiers- to measure the quality of air and purify it if necessary
  • Aromatherapy diffusers-to magically create a heavenly atmosphere with organic, sweet-smelling oils.
  • GPS shoe sensors -to monitor elderly patients with extra care.


Smart Entertainment and Relaxation

  • Smart-entertainment is set to give you a full-blown experience with entertainment devices expanding beyond sound and sight.
  • The central smart hub will help connect all your smart entertainment devices and integrate them into your home automation system.
  • Smart hub controller-this will pool all your wireless device protocols and passwords that can be created into a single format. The format can be controlled from one point in your home.
  • Smart speakers and smart TVs- it remains to be seen to what level these devices will be upgraded. The market is already flooded with noise-canceling speakers, headphones, and curved LED TVs for a magical viewing experience.

Get Trendy With Automation In Your Home

Home Automation Systems are in vogue, and we, as consumers, have a vast array of products to choose from. Delfin Automation is a pioneer in innovative home automation systems and services. Providing incredible value for your money, Delfin Automation lets you choose the latest smart technology to enhance your home the way you want.

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