How to Protect your Home and Office With High-End Locks and Security Cameras

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The fact is that the world isn’t as safe as we would like to believe. More than 70% of burglaries and breaking and entering are not in commercial spaces but in homes, and 8% of these are committed at gunpoint. While the victims cannot be blamed for these random acts of violence and trespassing, a better security and surveillance system can deter and even discourage vandals from harming you or our family and keep your home safe when you are away. Modern security cameras and locking systems are both discrete and work extremely well under duress with little to no maintenance.

Let’s look at why a security system is important for your home and office before discussing the options available.

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The most obvious reason for using a security system is to protect your family and home fore from intruders. For offices that may be dealing with sensitive information, client privacy and company secrets are just as important.


Most of today’s alarms also come with ways to contact emergency services like the police, fire department and ambulances if there has been a break in or fire. The few seconds that people spend reacting to a shock could save a life if an automated system takes care of it.

Every home is filed with valuables that may or may not have some sort of sentimental value. Either way, to lose one of them is always devastating. The perks of modern security system is that they can be accessed through the internet which means if your front door is linked to the internet, you will know if someone tries to tamper with it. Likewise, people used to leave a couple of lights, appliances or even the TV on when they went away for holidays to simulate a lived in look. While this is both energy consuming and very predictable, newer strategies include controlling your appliances to turn on via remote control.

There are many types of surveillance and security systems available on the market, which you can choose depending on your needs and budget. Here are three of the most commonly used. Safety & Security System Automation in Chennai for your Home.

Motion detectors are some of the cheapest but easiest deterrents. They are highly customizable and come with several options suitable for different budgets. The more sophisticated ones are programmable to detect the difference between pets and a trespasser. The type of response may also differ. Common options include the activation of high intensity lights, sounding an alarm or turning on every light in the house to alert the owners. Remote options are also available that let the owners know if someone has trespassed their property when they were away or are able to log in the time motion was detected on the premises.

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The second option is using surveillance cameras to scope out the property. While older versions stuck out like a sore thumb and were hence easily avoidable, technology has brought us to the point where security cameras can fit into everything from a bulb to a strategically placed planter. The key to properly utilizing security cameras is to make sure they are tamper-proof and situated in areas that are susceptible to entry without being conspicuous themselves. Such places include near the front door, the backyard and any points of entry from the street that are hidden. Make sure that during installation, foliage or a structural feature does not block the camera’s view.

The final option is to install high-end lock at all entry points. It may seem excessive to install an expensive lock on the laundry door but these are the points that thieves will also utilize. Some options include a multi-tumbler locking system, numeric keypad for office settings and the newest biometric systems. Not only do they require your thumbprint but they also log who has access to the premises and when if you want to keep track of employees or family members. Using these in tandem with a security camera in homes can keep people inside the house from opening the door to strangers.

While these options are by no means the only ones on the market, make sure to look into newer options and shop around to see which will fit your needs the best.

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