Home Automation: The Future Is Here

Home Automation

Everyone dreams of a home that can clean itself, turn on and off lights whenever necessary, automatically air condition and so much more. Home automation has come a long way from smoke detectors and security alarms. Although home’s won’t take care of themselves, not yet, but technology has come a long way and handed devices and software to humans that the most mundane tasks of even switching of on or off of lights is now automated. Here are some of the latest smart home automation to look out for.

Smart locks: The task of locking doors behind us has become as regular as brushing your teeth that you often forget whether you did or not. Smart locks are currently the greatest solution to such worries. These locks allow the user to lock and unlock your door from wherever you are. The user can even give access to their home through digital keys. The locks can be scheduled to lock and unlock at set times. There is no need for physical keys. Well, that even takes care of the problem of losing or misplacing keys.

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Outdoor security cameras: Netatmo’s outdoor security camera called Presence is not just another camera. It has the ability to decipher between animal, person or car. It notifies the owner when it captures something that isn’t normal.

Halo smoke alarms: Now these are smart smoke alarms that can detect the rate of burning smoke and even the carbon monoxide levels. It is connected to a radio and can notify the user of hurricanes, tornados and other weather features to look out for.

Febreze Home: We have all come across those automatic air freshners, but these are smart enough to connect to the thermostat and HVAC system and know exactly when the airflow is apt to dispense the air freshner.

Hydrao showerheads: This one is for those who are really concerned about our ecosystem and water conservation. The showerhead indicates water usage levels by changing colours.

Seven Dreamers’ Laundroid: This would be a dream come true for all those out there who hate to fold their clothes. This one is a laundry folding robot that uses image recognition algorithms to fold clothes. These could be included with Panasonic washers and dryers by 2018. Now that would be something worth looking forward to.

Philips ChefConnect Multicooker: Ideal for hostellers, people away from home and maybe even newlyweds. This device allows you to choose a recipe, all you have to do is to add the ingredients, and the rest of the process is taken care of by the smart cooker right from boiling, grilling and even baking. It even provides information on nutrition.

Samsung’s family hub refrigerator: It has a large touch panel that allows the user to play music, access calendar and even leave notes. It helps identify the food that is already there along with expiry dates and also helps identify what you might be running out of.

Cube: It is small black cube created by a German studio, The family of the Arts. It can be carried around the house, placed on any surface and can be used to control nearby speakers, lamps and thermostats. The cube is recharged by docking into the wall like a light switch. The cube can be used without having to put much thought into it, it works through a combination of three gestures. The cube can be tapped on the table to turn it on. When turned on each side of the cube reveals a function with a backlit icon. The intended function can be controlled by keeping it on top and flipping with the three gestures as necessary. It can turn music volumes up or down, it dim or brighten lights and even control the room temperature with just as much as a flick of the cube. The cube has limitations with it being able to only display 6 functions at a time, but then they are location sensitive and can choose between functions to suit the room you are in.

Amazon Echo: It is a voice enabled wireless speaker developed by Amazon.com. The device is addressed to as Alexa which may be personalized by the user to either Amazon or Echo. It is capable of music playback, voice interactions, to-do-lists, audiobooks, weather, traffic and real time information. It can control other smart devices too and control locking and unlocking of doors and thermostat regulations.

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