Installing High-Performance Speakers Outside – A Short Guide

High performance speakers for outdoors from Delfin Automation Chennai

In the past year or two home automation in Chennai has become a big thing. More and more people are opting for smart homes. Some choose to install simple, intelligent lights that make the home energy efficient. Others select a higher level of automation with safety and security systems.
And then there are those who lead the pack. They don’t limit home automation to the interiors; they think of the outdoors too because every inch of your home is meant to be enjoyed! One common outdoor home automation technique is speakers installed in the porch, backyard, garden or landscape.

Why Opt For Outdoor Speakers?

Anyone who has installed a dedicated AV system at home knows that the listening experience is out of the world. Whether it is a surround-sound system or a home theatre, whether it is a single-room stereo or a multi-room setup, a high performing speaker takes the experience of listening to music or movie to another level.
Music lovers will tell you that nothing else compares. But isn’t it true that there are some months of the year when you love to spend your time outdoors? It could be a cup of coffee in the early morning with soft music moving through the garden or a late-night party with your friends and family in the backyard.
Such instances need speakers. The obvious solution to this is a pair of floor-standing indoor speakers moved outside. But this is a temporary answer. You can’t permanently install an indoor speaker outside because:

Speaker set at the garden

  • They are not weatherproof.
  • They are not high-quality enough for open areas.
  • There is never a sufficient number of speakers to distribute sound evenly throughout the backyard or garden.

Moreover, you have to think of the landscape. Big, massive, standing on the floor indoor speakers destroy the aesthetics of the space. And don’t forget about the bundle of wires running along the floor. Mix running children in the picture and that way lies disaster. These are the reasons why you need high-fidelity outdoor speakers.

What To Keep In Mind When Installing Outdoor Audio Systems?

The first thing to keep in mind when looking for outdoor speakers is reliability. Whether it is for a gathering of friends that require great music or an event that needs only background audio, the speakers have to be reliable enough to deliver high-quality sound always and at any moment.
Another aspect to remember during the outdoor speaker selection process is seamless connectivity. You don’t want to carry the Bluetooth speaker outside every time you wish to listen to music outdoors. Moreover, the speakers inside the home and outside need to be connected to give you an awe-inspiring auditory experience.
Outdoor speakers at classic wood house

Home automation offers both these features. They give you a speaker system with one-touch control that delivers the best sound quality whenever you want it!

The last factor to think about when installing outdoor speakers is the seamlessness. Because the area to be covered is bigger, the number of speakers in the audio system is higher. You want these spread out evenly through the backyard because it ensures every nook can hear the music at a reasonable volume. If there is just one speaker for the entire garden, you’ll have to play the music at a deafening level. Something your neighbors will not be comfortable with at all.

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The issue with several speakers is how do you stop them from ruining your beautiful landscape while still offering a great listening experience. The solution to this is picking the right kind of outdoor speakers. For instance, subwoofers and small satellite speakers can easily be placed in the ground or hidden in bushes.

By using the natural features of the backyard to disguise the speakers, you get a seamless audio system. Another trick is to hide them in big planters or simply disguise them as rocks!

How To Get Outdoor Audio Home Automation?

There are a number of factors to ponder over when installing outdoor speakers. The best way to the top-notch audio system for your home is to partner with home automation providers. They will work with you to create an outdoor audio design that seamlessly fits your landscape. Customization to your property is essential because outdoor audio home automation doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution!
If you’ve been looking to add a bit of jazz to your get-togethers and parties at home, then outdoor speakers are your cup of tea. Get in touch with us, and we’ll guide you further on how to go about the process. If you still have questions about how any home automation helps you, we’d be happy to answer those too!

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