Different Types of Ambiance Lightening Ideas for Home

Different Types of Ambience Lightening Ideas for HomeLighting systems has more to do then just brightening up the space. Automated lighting systems are turning into security gadgets. Best home automation companies are creating latest lighting systems to make your home easily manageable, enjoyable and secure. Smart lighting systems have taken over the modern homes and people are getting familiar with the concept automated homes. The advantage of smart lighting is its integration with other home gadgets. You can create a lighting scene to automatically control the lights at your home. The home controller can be integrated with your smartphone, touchscreens, handheld remotes, tablets and other smart switches. The requirement for each household is different and it is important to customize the lighting automation system according to your needs. 

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Creating a night scene: True to its name, the night scene leaves your home with minimum lights. The lights are left dim and act as night lamps. Outdoor lights are turned on during dusk. These are controlled by astronomical clock that determines the time based on the location. This gives you an additional home security feature to wade off intruders from trespassing your property while you are not home.

Creating a dawn scene: The bedroom lights dim at the break of the day. You can save on energy and also be protected from waking up to bright lights. The kitchen and bathroom lights are also controlled during the morning scene. Just walk into the kitchen to prepare a hot cup of coffee and breakfast without having to hunt for the switch as the lights come on automatically. This combined with the smart device can turn on the television set and tune into your favorite news channel.

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Creating a party ambiance: When it is time to party you can transform your home into a party scene. Perfect illumination is created to get the party cap on. The counter tops and other areas where food and beverages are located can be illuminated to catch the attention of the guests. The audio system can be tuned to play a beat music and the tuning can be adjusted to meet the ambiance.

Adjusting the lighting behavior while you are away: When you are on a vacation for a long time it is important to create an scene to make it appear that people are home. The lighting behavior can be automated to turn them on during the night and switch it off during the day. It is an added later of security for your home, while you are away.

Welcome home lighting scene: When you drive late at night, you need not fumble to find the lights to open the front door. As you enter the driveway, the lights come alive, giving you a warm welcome. This scene includes turning on the outdoor lights, some interior lights, porch lights, garage lights and lights to the hallway or pathway.

Techniques Used In Smart Home Lighting System

Three major techniques dominate the lighting scene.

  • Firstly, it can be used to help in reading where the focus is on a particular area like a table or the book.
  • Secondly, the ambient lighting is used to create a balance between the natural and artificial light. It keeps the hallway lit up.
  • Finally lighting up the decorative items in the house like wall painting, showcases, etc.

Benefits Of Automated Lighting System

Smart lighting promotes efficiency of the lighting system by saving on electricity. Installing energy management system can make your lighting home automation more efficient. The brightness of the light can be regulated using ambient lighting system. Lights can be programmed to work according to the geographical clock. It protects from over illumination. You can enhance your living experience by installing home automation system. It not just controls your lighting system but all blinds, water geyser, toaster, cooking range, television, music system and other energy systems.

Many lighting scenes can be created according to the purpose best suited for your family. Simplify your life with path breaking lighting scenes.



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