Cool Home Automation Trends of 2019!

Latest Home Automation Trends Of 2019

What Is Home Automation is a question that is most frequently answered in recent times. Home automation is nothing but the integration of technology to facilitate the functions of your home to be much simpler. This includes involving technology or the Internet of Things into almost all basic aspects of a home like the safety and security system, lighting automation, home theatre, water control systems, etc.

When it comes to automation of homes, here are some of the trends that are recently noticed:-

Security Is the Focus Point

The only reason most clients are reluctant on investing in home automation is found to be their concern for the security and safety of their homes and digital data. Most of them withdraw from buying smart home automated devices due to privacy issues. But the best home automation providers are now making sure of the security of the devices they offer including taking care to implement features like advanced malware protection, authentication of remote connection, private networks which are virtual and provide a connection between the customer and their homes.

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Voice-Activated Technology

Another main attraction in automation is voice control over automated devices. Even though mobile apps are what people used to prefer, the trend is shifting towards voice-controlled technology.The popularity of this has increased due to the convenience of usage. Most end users find it easier and time-saving to control their devices via voice which is much speedier than typing. It is also found to be much more natural and fun. There is also the added advantage that the physically disabled and the elderly will greatly benefit as this will enable them to control the locks, lights, etc without any movement or support.

Basic Home Automation Benefits

An Automated Home has the benefit of being environmentally friendly due to the conservation of energy and resources. The concept of green homes is greatly interlinked with automated homes. This is because the lighting system of a home can be easily switched off in case the user forgot to switch it off while leaving home through a mobile app.Also, the temperature is adjusted according to the weather and time of day. There are water monitoring controls that ensure no leakage and window blinds that go down automatically on a hot sunny day. All these are borne to save energy as well as electricity and water bills.

Home Automation To Make Your Life Simpler And Smoother

The newest trends in automation have seen the automation systems suited to adapt as per the end-user behaviors and patterns.This might be features where the window blinds lower as per user moods or the temperature automatically changes according to earlier preferences of the user. Also, it is believed that in the near future there will be features to detect fingerprints, body temperature, etc of the guests in order to adapt to their needs. Also, another trend is the introduction of robots which are human-friendly into your homes.These robots are mostly utilized for functions like household cleaning activities, security, childcare, aid for elderly and physically disabled, etc.

With the implementation of technologies of IoT and AI in home automation, human comfort is taken to the next level. The coming years are going to see massive usage of home automation in our country as it will surely make life and its mundanities a lot easier and smooth!

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