How Can Smart Lighting Improve Your Health?

How Can Smart Lighting Improve Your Health?

Today, almost everything goes digital and online. With the advent of technology, an extensive range of home automation products are available in the market for us to choose. There are so many good and innovation lineup of products that have reached the heights of imagination. From simple automated door locking system to an end-to-end sensor fitted house, the inventions have each been spell-binding. These innovations have entered into the lighting industry as well. Smart lighting is something that is being used by most people. With so much of awareness about saving energy and natural resources for our future generations, smart lighting has come as a boon.

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Some of the best home automation products are those in which you cannot even imagine any scope of automation. There are so many things about it that will make you fall in love with smart home technologies. There are many benefits of smart lighting, including the ones that improve your health. Smart lighting, as the name indicates is light that is being used in a smart way. These are fun and have a simple installation process and can easily fit into any smart home system. The human body needs light every day. Let us see how light affects their wellbeing.

Here are some of the ways in which home lighting automation can have a positive impact on your health.

Fall For The Idea, Not For Darkness
The idea of installing a smart lighting automation system in your house is something is worth falling in love with. With the help of these lighting systems you can power on the lights or fit them up with sensors that you don’t have to walk in the dark anymore. Most accidental fall happens when people miss to see a thing or two in the dark, which will never happen in the case of smart home automation systems with lighting.

Tempting Temperature
We all know that light gives us brightness, but do we also understand that there is a temperature that is associated with each light? Yes, every light has a temperature. The amount of blue or yellow wavelength in the light can cause an impact to your sleep. Blue lights which are considered to be cool-lights can make you alert while yellow lights which are considered to be warm-lights can make you relax and sleep well. You can either use colour changing bulbs that can change the colour with a switch or incorporate this logic into your lighting control system and enjoy the benefits of it.

Cortisol Conscious
The warmth of the morning sun is supposed to be very good for the body. Unfortunately, we cannot see the sun every single morning due to the changes in weather, closed and cramped house in addition to the simple laziness to get up that early in the morning. If you are cortisol conscious, then the smart lighting system can simulate the light of dawn right into your bedroom, making your body produce cortisol, which is a much needed in the body for mental alertness.

Better Body – Sharp Mind
How Can Smart Lighting Improve Your Health?The right kind of lighting in the surrounding space will increase the melatonin content in the body. When melatonin decreases, it could lead to a lot of ill effects in the body. Hence, it is essential to have the right lights at the appropriate times which only an automated home lighting system can do for you. A healthy body leads to a sharp mind. It is a commonly known fact that the lighting has a huge impact on the emotions. Smart lighting can not only improve the mood of a healthy person, it can also help to fight anxiety, depression, etc.

In our day to day life, we encounter light at every stage and rarely get a break. This includes the fluorescent lights, computers, television and even mobile phones, each light affecting our body in some way. When we use smart lighting systems along with home automation in India, we can experience better health. The use of total security systems at home not only helps in easy access of the home appliances and the overall safety of the house; it is also a great convenience and gives peace of mind to the homeowner.

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