Automated Homes For Better Quality Of Life

People almost never think of automating their homes until and unless a genuine need for the same arises. For many people having a smart home is just a part of easing up the multiple and oft stressful routine tasks they just do not have the time to do by themselves. Such people can go about their lives even without their homes being “smart”. But, we all know that the world does not only comprise of healthy and young people, who are still actively pursuing their lives. The disabled and the elderly too are part of the social fabric and these are the people who can derive the most benefit from having smart appliances installed in their homes.

There are many circumstances that necessitate the installation of smart devices, like an automated home security system.

Most of us have often heard of the “empty-nest” scenario. This is when the children leave their parents and move away from their homes, in search of better opportunities, and may likely settle in far-away places to accomplish this objective. The parents of such children are left to spend their old-age alone and perhaps without the assistance of a care-giver. The children themselves often feel a sense of helplessness and even guilt at leaving their frail parents at home, and may constantly worry about how the parents are faring.

There are situations where a family may have to leave their homes for a period of time. This gives rise to many fears regarding the safety of the home during the period of absence. Even parents going out for a quiet night out, will have a sense of trepidation till they reach home and see that their kids are safe asleep in their beds.

Sometimes it is a cruel twist of fate that turns a person’s attention towards the idea of automating their home. Disabled people have very limited number of things they can do without the assistance of another person. Even the simple tasks we take for granted, like turning on a switch to off the fan or switching on the lights or even opening the curtains, may be impossible for such people to do. In most cases these are the people who actively play an important part in choosing the type and extent of the home-automation system that needs to be installed in their homes and perhaps even in their offices.

In all the above situations, the people involved could have a better quality of life if their homes had been modified to enable the installation of Automated Gadgets which could be controlled with the help of easily controlled hand-held devices like a smart-phone. Let’s take a brief look at some of the benefits of installing a ‘Smart-Home’ designed to ease the lives of the elderly or people with various disabilities:

Digital Door Locks: These are doors that open automatically after scanning the biometrics of the person wishing to enter the home of the invalid or elderly person. These door-locks are very handy for seniors and immobile people who are unable to open their front-doors for a guest by themselves. These wonderful and innovative ‘smart’ doors usually store the fingerprints of frequent visitors in its memory so that the next time these guests visit, they can use this fingerprint memory to enter the home by themselves. Hand-held common devices like smartphones or tablets are used in this regard.

Panic Buttons Or Emergency Response System: Very often, invalids or elderly people in a very bad state of health, may require emergency health services in the middle of the night. Sometimes, they may hear the sounds of intruders outside. In either case, installing devices like Lively, provides prompt access to both emergency services and personal contacts with only the touch of a button.

Medication Dispensers: This is a very helpful feature of Home automation. This is aids in dispensing prescribed and routine medicines at the appropriate time and dosage to sick and elderly people who do not have the assistance of a care-taker.

Home Maintenance: Automated gadgets are now available for getting routine cleaning tasks done too. This ensures hygiene in the homes of the disabled and elderly

Home-Automation is a must for all who wish to lead quality stress-free lives.

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