Automated Home Lighting System – Innovation At Its Best

Imagine your room lighting changing according to your mood or schedule. Wouldn’t it be a lifestyle element to have complete control over your home lighting control system? This is what smart lighting system is all about. It is not just about lighting up your home but also about maintaining a standardized glow to uplift the ambience of your home. The basic feature of a smart lighting system is called the scene. Depending on your lighting activities you can control the scenes or settings. This is not standardized lighting system but can be customized to meet your lighting demands. Lighting scenes can be used as part of home automation system.

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Night lighting
Too much of light can be a disturbance while you sleep. Imagine having the lights turned off while asleep and turned on while awake. This intelligent system is possible with smart lighting system. Using a single control you can switch off the lights in the house when it is time to go to bed. Now get a healthy sleep with smart lighting control.

Automated Home Lighting System – Innovation At Its Best

Working on your mood
Day time the need for light is more to help you stay awake, especially if the ventilation in your house is restricted. Likewise in the night, the need for light would be minimal to help your body relax and doze off. The lighting control system that can help switch on and off the light based on the time of the day can help ease your body and mind. Again having more lights on can elevate the mood in the house and dimming could be sedating. Timed lights are the best way to set a feel in the house.

Security features
Did you know lighting control could keep your home secure? Automated light control can give a feeling that someone is home, even when no one is at home. It can reduce burglary attempts to a large extent. Scheduling lights through a Smartphone app is a great way to have complete control of your home or office lighting system. It can ensure that you return to a safe home.

Automated Home Lighting System – Innovation At Its Best

Money saving option
Accidently left the lights on when you locked the door? No worries just use your Smartphone to switch it off. Installing a occupancy sensor could be a wise option to turn on the lights and vacancy sensor can turn off the lights automatically when someone walks in or walks out of the room respectively. This can help save on energy bills.

Dinner lighting
Having your home lit up during dinner time would be a waste of money. Instead try illuminating the dining area, while the rest of the house can go to sleep. Dinner scene with lightings on the ceiling or wall can set the dinner mood. Switch off the lights in the other rooms is an indicator that it is dinner time and everyone has to assemble at the dinner table. It is an alert for the household. Flashing lights are also suggestive to remind family members of dinner time.

Party time
Where is the party tonight? When it is time to rock, dim scene could be a great option. Dancing time needs dull and smoky lights to create a party atmosphere. You can also light up the counter tops to create a bar like ambience.

Automated Home Lighting System – Innovation At Its Best

Movie time
Are you a movie buff? Do you love to watch movies at night? Well, the movie scene is apt for you. Turn your living room into a theater by switching off distractive lights around the home theater. The smart lighting system can be programmed to keep the lighting near snacks areas and fridge on while the rest of the living room can be dimmed for a theater like experience.

Reading light
When it is time to enjoy a book, make sure the lighting is suitable for reading. The light close to your reading chair comes live and the rest of the lights are turned off.

Lighting control systems have become a necessity than a luxury. The benefits and convenience it brings to a home and into your personal life is abundant. The safety and security of your family and home are taken care of with automated lighting controls. Above all it helps to save on your energy bills.

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