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Automation Companies In Chennai Creating A New Wave! 

With the advancements in technology, everything is now hassle-free and fast-paced. From your office to your parking space at home, everything can now be automated to make it smooth functioning and easier for you. So if your boss from abroad suddenly calls for a meeting or conference at the last moment, fret not, we have the technology to help you conduct a meeting or conference in your office room itself without much ado!

Many companies have made the switch from traditional conference rooms to automated ones. This has helped them overcome the delay in conducting sudden meetings and conferences and has helped them save their precious time and effort by not having to deal with the mess of untangling the wires, checking the clarity of the video calls and the speed of internet connection in their office room. There are several Home Automation Companies In Chennai which does the automation of your conference room and other office rooms as well.
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Features of Conference Room Automation

  • Video Conferencing – Have business partners or employees abroad that you need to connect with on a daily or weekly basis? We provide you an unwavering solution of high-quality video cameras and microphones that let you connect effortlessly.
  • One-Touch Control – With its one-touch control, you can control the conference room settings from outside the office room by carrying the Tabletop Screens which are portable devices
  • Projector Screens – Make it big on a projector screen and have your business ideas explained in a very professional manner.
  • Remote Control Access – Wish to have access to your conference room from anywhere in the world, even if you are not in the office? You just need an internet connection because our Chennai Automation Company Delfin provides you the same.
  • Schedule Your Meetings – Schedule your meetings now by setting the time beforehand to plan and execute meetings smoothly.
  • Sound/Video Clarity – You get the benefit of enjoying clear audio and visuals while listening to presentations and discussions
  • Climate Control – Helps to maintain the temperature and atmosphere inside the conference room.
  • Conference Room Lighting Control – With one touch, you get to dim or brighten the lighting inside the conference room for presentations and meetings accordingly to your needs.

Why Choose Delfin, One Of The Top Chennai Automation Company? 

Being dedicated to making your technology smooth by making it less troublesome and easy to handle for its users, we offer you a free demo and also provide full training for your employees on how to use the automated conference rooms. With a single touch, you get to change your settings for a major presentation, conduct remote video conferences, etc from outside your office if you have the device and internet connection access.

In addition to automation in conference rooms, we also provide several other automation facilities at home and offices as in lighting automation, professional home theatres, safety and security systems, etc. Being a company whose aim is to introduce the smart homes technology into every home in the country, we believe in simplifying automation and making your office or home space smarter each coming day!

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