All You Need To Know About Smartbulbs!

Smart Lighting Is The Way Ahead Say Manufacturers Of Home Automation Controllers!

Lighting is probably the easiest of home automation solutions to implement! Smart Bulbs are catching on like a house on fire in recent times. So many of them have started flooding the market place that it seems like only a matter of time before smart lighting becomes the norm rather than the exception!

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Why Do We Need Smart Lighting Anyway?

Home automation companies in Chennai say that a lot of people consider light automation as a study in laziness more than anything else. “Why Can’t People Be Bothered To Turn On and Off Lights By Themselves?” is what they often wonder. What they do not realize is that smart lighting has way more benefits to offer than just letting people get away with their sloth. Here are a few, to start.

Benefits Of Using Smart Lighting With A Home Automation System in Chennai!

Smart Lighting Saves Electricity!

Do you know how much power will be saved by just turning off light switches when not in use? Very often, we forget to do this simple action and end up wasting electricity! What if you built in occupancy sensors that make sure lights turn on only when people are around? Imagine the kind of savings you can make. Also, with smart lighting, you can time the lights to turn on only when it is dark and turn off when there is enough light out, again saving power.

Smart Lighting Deters Home Invasion!

Miscreants would hesitate to break into houses are well-lit to avoid detection and also because they believe lighted houses may be occupied. So, you do not want to leave your home unlit the entire time you are away on vacation. You can either program the smart lights to turn on after dark or use motion sensors to trip powerful floodlights whenever someone approaches a house at night.

Here Is What You Need To Know To Control Home Automation On These Smart Bulbs!

How Does One Go About Setting Up Smart Lighting?

Smart bulbs are the fundamental units of a smart lighting home automation system. These internet-enabled bulbs can be simply plugged into regular sockets and are controlled with a remote or mobile app to turn on, turn off, dim, brighten, and even change colour! They typically use WiFi or BlueTooth connectivity or a more dedicated home automation network inside the house to offer these functions. They do not even need special sockets or wiring to work.

Smart Bulbs are one of the most popular members of the Internet of Things. They come in different configurations. Some starter packs of smart bulbs come with the connecting hubs while others use an existing hub or can be activated using voice-controlled devices and programs such as Alexa, Siri Or Google Assistant. The popularity of these devices is further driving up sales of compatible smart light bulbs.

Do the research on the capabilities of the smart bulbs in the market before invest in them. Better yet, start small with just a lamp or two and see if it works for you before you expand to the entire house!

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