A Smart Home That Peps Up Life & Epitome Of Luxury

With the splurge of smart technology across the globe, it becomes an inevitable option to enhance the way of living. A smart home revitalizes life by offering superpowers thereby providing you the feel of a superhero. With the kids and gadgets becoming smarter it is time to opt for a smart home too. A smart home, functions by protecting and saving a lot of features and attributes. With the advent of home automation, you can now lock and unlock doors in a jiffy. A smart home enables the opening and closing of the door automatically. The door opens when you approach and closes when you leave making life as simple as one would have thought. It prevents the hassle associated with losing or forgetting keys. With the availability of the GPS features in all Smartphones, installing a smart lock performs the automation features.

Home Automation

A smart home also allows you to automate the lighting features of your home and access them from any corner of the world. Based on a recent research, statistics obtained from electricity consumption reveals that 40 percent of a home’s energy consumption is spent on varied lighting features. With the advent of smart lights, you can continue to save money as well as secure home. The smart lights automate their functional features based on your routine and requirements. The smart lights can be programmed to slowly brighten as you are up for the day and it turns off automatically when you leave the room. A smart switch, smart light and smart power outlet are the requisites for smart lighting. The control of lights is made possible with the click of a button by utilizing the smart setup option from the smart things app. It can be customized based on your day to day routine.

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A lot of money can now be saved through a considerable reduction in the monthly utility bills. By automating the thermostat of the air conditioning unit, you can reduce your electricity bills as well as contribute to saving the planet. A smart thermostat adjusts its functional features by itself based on your presence and absence in the vicinity. It allows you to operate through your Smartphone and set the desired temperature at your time of arrival. Thus, when you enter your home you get welcomed by a cool and pleasant atmosphere that puts an end to a tiresome day. All that you require is a smart things hub, a smart thermostat and smart power outlet.


With the launch of smart technology, it is now time to secure your home in the most affordable manner. A traditional security system can only result in spending more money with less functional features. But with the availability of smart options now, it is easy to secure your home and control the movement of suspected people. Locking and unlocking doors can be automated and controlled from anywhere. A smart home also enables you to program a shrieking siren if there is an unwarranted entry into your home. It also produces an immediate huge alarm when doors and windows are opened unpredictably. A smart sense sensor placed on the door enables you to receive instant alerts. You can receive such alerts through your smartphone which allows you to take immediate action. With the availability of a smart things hub, you can continue to add on as many devices as required.

According to a recent research on plumbing expenses incurred by a family reveals that 15 to 20 percent of annual income is spent on the maintenance and repair of pipes and fixtures. With this amount being huge, incorporating a smart leak detector can save a lot of money by detecting leaks at the beginning. A minor leak has the capacity to progress into a distressing damage involving huge costs of expenditure later. With the advent of home automation, an instant alert is generated when water is detected at an unusual place. With the immediate notification of the problem, it allows an instant solution to be offered. With the availability of a smart things hub, the only requirement would be the installation of a moisture sensor to identify leaks. Installing a moisture sensor alerts you in the case of a leakage from a worn out old pipe or a washing machine. Thus, a smart home offers wholesome living, personalized solutions, safety, security and thereby a greater peace of mind.

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