Top Smart Home Trends To Watch Out For This Year

Smart Home Automation

We’ve all been in situations where we have left the house only to remember that we’ve forgotten some pressing household matters. Like the gas is on, the water taps aren’t closed properly or we aren’t sure if the air conditioner is still on. Then the doubts begin to creep up. We play the blame game with our spouses and kids. Whose responsibility was it to switch off the upstairs light? Who was watching TV before leaving?

We feel helpless and we are then faced with yet another dilemma. Should you turn back home to double check or should you keep on worrying till you come back home again?

Smart homes put an end to this vicious cycle of doubt and frustration. Imagine a scenario where you whip out your Smartphone and with the press of a button, you make sure that all the doors are locked and all lights and other electrical appliances are switched off. How about coming home to your favourite music on the stereo, while your coffee machine percolates coffee, even before you step into the house? Feels like heaven right?

Well, they are possible with smart homes. These intelligent homes have grown from being simple security systems to remotely observing and interacting with your home. If you think all this is possible only in Western developed nations, then you are wrong. Contact us, the leading home automation company in Chennai, to explore the myriad options available in smart home systems.

Building new homes or remodelling existing homes have grown to be more interesting with the arrival of smart home systems. Homeowners are flooded with a wide array of options when it comes to designing the home of the future, today. Your home can be designed not only to have sweeping views and great floor plans, but they can also be designed in such a way to interact, respond and embrace digital technology.

Smart Home Automation

One of the best advantages with smart homes is that the entire process is highly customisable. You can have any number of smart technologies that you wish to have. Here are a few smart technologies that you can look forward to this year. Who knows you may even incorporate a few of them at your homes before the year ends.

Keyless Entry

Almost everyone hates digging through their bags for the keys. With the way, lock technologies are headed you may no longer need a key. There are several companies in the market who manufacture smart locks that are paired with your Smartphone. Your phone acts as the key and the smart lock recognises whether you are outside or inside the house, and unlocks and locks accordingly. These locks can be configured to include the phones of all your family members too.

Smart Lighting

It is true that the more control you have over your surroundings, the more you feel at home. Smart lighting can be used for special lighting effects in your home theatre room or in your bedroom. Or it can be used for other functional uses like lights that switch on, when they sense footsteps and so on. No more tripping in the dark. You can configure few lights or you can customise your whole house. The choice is completely yours.

Smart Entertainment

Smart TVs are now more common than ever before. You can not only use it to access the internet, but you can configure it as the central hub for all smart gadgets in your house. Now when you add a multi-room audio/video distribution system to the mix, you’ve got an awesome sanctum to party, relax or unwind.

Smart Home Automation
Smart Security

Peace of mind is of utmost importance. You can finally achieve it with the smart security solutions available in the market. With cameras going HD, you can watch your home with clarity from anywhere. Keep an eye on what’s going on at home, even if you are not there, all with the help of your handheld Smartphone.

Smart Switches

Bring all your gadgets in your smart home together with the help of your smart outlet. A single outlet to control all your appliances and gadgets and connects your house like never before. Doesn’t that sound magical?

Which of these trends are you most excited about?

Get started and make your homes future ready, today!

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