Smarten Up Your Home Theatre System With Motion Control!

Smarten Up Your Home Theatre System With Motion Control!

Technology has introduced several changes in our daily routines, covering every aspect of our daily life, be it the way we brush our teeth, the way we communicate, the way we travel and so forth. This is why it has become easier to accept the changes that have come our way in the form of home automation systems. These systems work via sophisticated Home automation software that helps the homeowner control every appliance connected to the system. Gone are the days when your coffee table was piled with remotes and you had no idea which one did what! Now, all sorts of tasks can be done by utilizing a single set of controls.

Smart Home Theatres!
A home theatre system set up in conjunction with the home automation system is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. Now, you can watch your favorite movies with your family and friends, without going through most of the hassles that are usually associated with it. One of the latest innovative ideas that has taken tech-lovers by storm is home automation systems that use motion sensors to detect movements. This ensures that the system works smoothly, and is completely tuned to the preferences of the user. Imagine such a smart system being used along with your Home Theatre! It’s a dream come true! Commands like “stop playback”, “resume”, “pause”, etc. can be given with just a nod, or a flick of the hand.

Types of Motion Sensors
Let’s take a look at the different kinds of sensors that are usually used in conjunction with these systems:

Smarten Up Your Home Theatre System With Motion Control!

Passive Infrared Detector
This sensor waits till it detects any movement in the area that is covering. Usually, it detects any heat source that moves across its coverage area and uses this information to recognize who is approaching and switches on the Home Theatre settings according to that person’s preference.

Active Infrared Detector
This particular sensor works by directing an infrared beam to a light detector. If the light detector is not able to detect the beam, thereby meaning that the beams have been interrupted, the motion detector is able to sense the presence of someone. Till date, this has been usually used in connection with home security systems. However, people are becoming more innovative and are using this with their home theatre systems and smart home systems as a way to control the connected appliances via movements.

Passive Ultrasonic Detector
This sensor’s working is similar to the passive infrared detector. However, it responds to a sound source rather than a heat source. Since each person’s sound is made up of a different set of frequency and modulation, the motion sensor embedded home theater system uses its sensors to discern who has walked into the room and plays the show accordingly.

A living room automated with audio and video distribution system

Active Ultrasonic Detector
This sensor constantly emits ultrasonic sound waves, at decibels that are imperceptible to humans. On hitting an obstacle, they bounce back and report the same to the control device, thereby activating the Home Theatre system

Watching Movies In Style!
Imagine walking in after a hard day at work and you pick out something from the fridge and settle comfortably into your couch and wait to continue to view what you paused watching the other day. No need to get up and fiddle with the remotes or the lighting or even finding the right channel! This is a slice of heaven indeed! The motion sensors work in conjunction with your home theatre system. With a simple gesture of your hands, you can let it know whether you want to pick off what you watched yesterday or watch the game that’s going on, etc. The world is your oyster with this smart Home Theater system.

Added Bonus
Another advantage of setting up motion sensors, home controls and assigning particular movement controls for a function to be carried out is that you can control the content watched by your kids. These days most parents complain about not having any control over what the kids are viewing, this is your chance to bring back a bit of discipline to your home. You can know exactly which kid saw what with these smart Home Theatre systems.

So, hook up your home theater system with motion control and relax!

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