Smart homes for Senior citizens and Disabled People


There are millions of senior citizens and disabled who are affected by their immobility and memory loss. Most of them are left to fend for themselves as their children have migraed for better job and life conditions. They like to live an independent and hassle-free life which has become impossible with their health conditions. The Home Automation System has found solution to these problems with their advanced technology. A smart home is a residence that uses inter connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and devices.

The benefits of smart homes :

  • Automatic door: Smart homes are similar to scientific thrillers and spy movies you must have watched in childhood. The door opens by itself, believe me it’s not magic! The doorbell is connected to a webcam which sends information to the user and he can open the door with his mobile. Such door can read fingerprints and gives access to the saved fingerprints. So, you can save fingerprints of the people you want to really meet. Your loved ones can keep a check on the door from a remote place.
  • Automatic timers for appliances: The elderly people suffer from memory loss ailments like Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s which makes them dependent on others. They forget to switch off household appliances in their homes which can cause fire breakouts. With the help of automatic timers, household appliances can be automatically switched off. This system also helps in energy conservation as appliances switched off after their use.smarthomes in disabled persons
  • Reminder system: The elderly and the disabled have to depend on lot of medicines for improvement of their health condition. It is important to take medicine at an appropriate time at the correct dosage. The Medication Reminder system ensures proper intake of the medicine at an appropriate time. The reminder system also alerts the user about important dates and the associated task.
  • Domestic robots: It is not easy to maintain a clean home when one has difficulty in walking, clean homes are integral for proper health. Home Automation system offers Domestic robots who can perform all the household tasks [voila!just what I need]. The robot can also clean garden, bathrooms and gutters.Now the elderly and the disabled can live in a clean environment without any strain.

A boon for elderly and disabled people:

Automation homes are a boon for the elderly and the disabled as it simplifies their daily life. Senior citizens and disabled are usually left under the care of caretakers and home nurse; which may prove to be dangerous. Since it is not easy to find sincere and devoted people we may be putting their life at risk. There is also theft deterrent system which warns about any unusual activities in the night and warns the user and their relatives.To conclude,Home Automation system gives an all-round protection for the elderly and disabled.

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