Innovation at its best -The Smart Lock

Are you someone who keeps forgetting where you kept your keys? Do you start your key hunt blocks away from your house itself? Well you are not alone. Lots of us have this untimely memory loss when it comes to finding the keys to our locks. Most of the automation companies in Chennai have been getting requests to come up with helpful solutions to this scenario. And finally a mind blowing solution has emerged.

Innovation at its best -The Smart lock

Chennai Home automation is now flourishing with the introduction of the Smart lock technology. This innovative solution allows you to lock and unlock your door with just a click in your smartphone or smartwatch. Conventional keys have been replaced with modern digital keys. These can be accessed through smart apps in mobile devices and smart watches.

The app has another unique feature. It allows the owner to pass over the key to other authorized people. The owner can also control the access, review the access history or even revoke access to some one permanently. Though unlocking is easy with the smart phone, unintended unlocking can be prevented by another technological trick. You will need to rotate the phone by 90 degrees before tapping on the keypad. The touch screen in the lock can also be used to unlock it. You will be provided with a 4 to 8 digit code. To lock it, just give a slight tap on its keypad, Simple isn’t it. If you want to include this in the home automation system, a Bluetooth module can be availed.

Most of you will be wondering how secure this new system will be? Would it be easy for anyone to access the lock and open it? Stay calm as there is no chance for this to happen. The manufacturers have ensured enhanced security. The Lock as well as the app is powered by advanced technology consisting of a multi platform system which is used for issuing, sharing, revoking the digital keys across many smart devices.

Innovation at its best -The Smart lock

An impressive list of automation companies in Chennai have successfully launched this product and supplied it across many organizations like residential flats, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, Industrial units, commercials stores etc. People can enjoy a new level of convenience, security and also versatility while keeping it simple at the same time. All you need is the lock and your smart device. It is easy to include this in the home automation or security system in place already.

You can also set colors or upload photos to match the keys and the locks with authorized people and preferred locations. This system can be used to share or even revoke the keys any time the owner wishes to do so. You can also receive notifications when the key is being used .this helps to control the use and restrict unwanted access to the digital keys. This feature makes it really useful and reassuring for parents who have their kids at home and need to keep an eye as they are away from the place.

Innovation at its best -The Smart lock

Smart locks can be really useful for those staying at rental-property and also vacation-home owners. The headache that comes along with storing and finding the right keys for all your locks is something you can totally avoid while using a smart lock. The best part is you can constantly monitor who is coming and leaving your doorstep when you are not available at the place.

The installation is quite simple and does not take much time either. In fact it takes only around 10 minutes. If you are familiar with using a screwdriver, then you don’t even have to call anyone else for help. You will have the set of instructions which when followed will give you all the directions you need. As this product has limited number of manufacturers; you can always compare and choose after studying the reviews.
Smart locks are a revolution in the home automation systems and are proving to be a great success. You should definitely try out one of these smart locks and you will never go for another lock and key model. The ease and convenience combined with powerful security is absolutely going to make this product an all time favorite among the customers.

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