How To Reuse Smart Phones For Home Automation

Smart home automation is one of the most convenient innovations of modern technology. This allows the user to exercise control of the connected devices at home even from a remote place. As most couples work long hours, home automation controller is one of the blessings in disguise.
Home automation will help you manage your home efficiently. It increases personal safety as well as energy efficiency.

How To Reuse Smart Phones For Home Automation

You can save a lot of time, effort and be stress free if you have a home automation system in place. Other advantages include being able to monitor the inside temperature, light intensity, watch the main doors, check for LPG leaks, control the remote controls and increase the security system of your homes.

With the help of home automation interface, users can operate the electrical appliances without moving or seeking other’s help. Elderly people will feel independent and useful too. While using automated systems, people feel secure as they can operate locks and sensors with just a click of the button.

Using a smartphone for all these systems will also aid elderly people who are reluctant to depend on others for their daily requirements. It is easier to handle the phone and regulate all the devices connected to it. It is also the best option for affordable home automation. As you can use the Bluetooth facility, the android phone can also be used within the prescribed range.

Sometimes you may feel that the home automation would cost you a great deal. However there is no need to panic. There are several components that you can afford as an average homeowner or even if you are a rental tenant.

Some components will start selling cheaper once the initial rush is over. SO if you could wait a bit and not hurry things, you will easily be able to purchase smart components at affordable prices. Smart outlets otherwise called smart plugs are one of the basic things you need.

How To Reuse Smart Phones For Home Automation

An affordable home automation system can easily be set up using your old smartphone. It will still allow you to control all household appliances mostly from a single centralized unit. Fans, Lights, air conditioners, security cameras, television sets, security cameras, electronic doors, audio/visual equipment, and computer systems can be operated with the help of your old smartphone.

Smart Home Automation makes it possible to integrate the building’s electrical system. It also helps to control appliances and devices connected through WiFi. These systems can be operated and controlled from either a Bluetooth or any other Wi-Fi connected device like mobile phones or laptops. A microcontroller powered box can be set to act as server. This will reduce significantly the installation as well as hardware cost as most of you will already have the hardware required.

How To Reuse Smart Phones For Home Automation

As you can see, your discarded smartphones can be very useful in handling most of the home automation tasks. You can easily convert it into a security camera as well. The connectivity between the server and the smartphone can easily be established using a Bluetooth dongle or even a wireless access point. This system can sense when a user enters and leaves a room with the help of sensors to measure the variations in the thermal equilibrium. This will facilitate switching on or off the electrical appliances in the room like lights, fans, Air conditioners etc.An electromechanical relay transmits the power supply for each device. The microcontroller, which acts as the server, is responsible for controlling all these relays.

The family members can control the server from remote locations over internet. You can hereafter even switch on the AC just before leaving office and enjoy a cool room when you walk in home.Home automation allows us to control individual devices to sub systems in individual homes and also integrated flat or whole residential systems.

In future there will be a wide range of possibilities that can be tapped which enable further development of the mobile platform’s connectivity and similar discovery interfaces to plug in with other smart devices. You never know, tomorrow you may even be able to facilitate speech recognition systems from remote places to activate your devices at home !

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