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light automation system

Automated lighting apps are the in-thing, decorating modern homes and offices. Your search for the right security light for outdoors ends with Heath Zenith Shaker Cover Mission Style Motion Sensing Light. Studies reveal it is the most popular lighting system to check crime. What is motion lighting? It is an intelligent lighting system giving an appearance that the homeowner is turning on the outdoor lights to detect what is going outside. It is motion activated and is the most convenient of the lot when it comes to security lighting system. When it is time to welcome guests, the motion lights will guide the guests on the steps and prevent a fall.

Motion detecting automated lights
Motion lights are not just functional; it is decorative as well. Moreover, it provides 80% of energy savings. The convenience comes when you need it, the light is on and when you do not need one, it is switched off automatically. It is a total energy saving option. What more the product is Energy Star approved and had the reputation of being the most decorative lighting. It is a powerful security lighting activated when motion is detected. So no more worries of wasting electricity. What makes it more energy efficient is the DualBrite technology offering minimal lighting when a motion not is sensed. It comes with patented photo control system specialized for night time operation. There is manual override mode when you are in need of constant lighting.

Automation application
Another new innovative in the automated lighting sector is the Philips Hue Home automation application for both iOS and Android devices. It is loaded with new features making it easier for home lighting operations. Philips offers a wide range of lights, home automation, and hue smart sockets. The Hue 2.0 app is made efficient with a wide range of features to control a bunch of lights together using a tablet or smartphone. The Wake Up feature is a new addition to the Hue 2.0 app. It can mimic a sunrise like situation in your home by gently fading the lights. Another new feature is the Nightlight offering low blue light to prevent sleep cycle disturbances.

The home automation Philips Hue 2.0 application is available for free on Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. But the Hue starter kit has to be purchased, and it comes at a price of £150. The kit includes a Philips Hue wireless bridge to connect to the router and enable communication from the handheld devices to the lights and socket settings. Check More about Automation Companies in Chennai

Lighting Automation Apps

Appliance Automation
Wondering how to get the most of your appliance than just monitoring for energy consumption? It is time to get home Scan Zigbee Wireless light and motion detector. It helps in energy conservation. It turns the light automatically when it senses motion and switches off the lights when there is no one in the room. The motion detector can provide an understanding about the building occupancy. The scan provides data on how often the room is visited and information on a plugwise network. Finally, it offers data on the rooms used the most. The light and motion detector is not just restricted to room lighting but can be clubbed with home and office appliances. For instance, there is no need for human assistance when the printer is running.

The Scan Zigbee Wireless light and motion detector runs on a AA battery and comes along with the pack. For the functioning of the system, it is important to have Plugwise network.

Within no time, you can convert your decorative lighting into security lighting. Add motion control to your current light fixtures and your lights are motion activated. So there are no more hassles of leaving the lights on all night to detect activity. The exclusive photocell ensures the light operates only at night and not during the day. It comes with a manual override for switch control.

Automated light systems have made life convenient and comfortable. The energy saving option has made it the most preferred monitoring device. The effortless appliance monitoring has also made it popular. Offices and homes can benefit from the automated monitoring device. Many top companies like Philips, Zenith, etc. are venturing into the light automated industry and are reaping huge benefits.

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