Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Smart Homes

While most people assume that home automation systems make homes perfectly safe and secure, the reality is quite different. All over the world, home automation systems have been devised which makes life easier and faster. A click on your mobile or any other wifi connected devices can lock your rooms, set on the hidden cameras, and manage baby monitors, thermostats and so much more.

As the saying goes, for every uphill there is an equivalent downhill. Similarly for every smart device you place at home, there is a threat likely to your security. Any device connected to Internet gives hackers an opportunity to find a way into the network.

Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Smart Homes

Why improper implementation of Home automation makes you Vulnerable?

Today almost all your equipments, starting from your alarm, coffee maker to the lock system, are connected to the wifi network. Understanding the term IoT is important here. IoT stands for the ever growing network including all the interconnected devices and equipments that use internet to store data /information as well as allow communication. Anything that is connected via wifi is extremely vulnerable to being hacked.

Anti social elements can easily find means to access your data, personal information etc. Most of the smaller smart devices which are produced in large scale in the market will not always be of superior quality. Hence their security protocols will not be satisfying. These devices are real risks to your personal data protection and security systems.

So, it’s essential to protect your home from hackers and other malicious attackers. When you automate your home, make sure to choose a company, who can give you 360 Degrees of security.

Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Smart Homes

How to safeguard your home

Given below are a few tips as to how to secure your home from hackers:-

Limited access

Do not let everyone know your passwords. This may seem like a silly tip. However the easiest way someone could access your information is by using your password. You may not be aware of how risky it is when repeating your password to family members through your phone or in public. Once your password is discovered, it is only a matter of minutes while the hacker gets access to all your devices. So be very careful and disclose the password to only one member of the family who is responsible and authoritative. You should also change all your IoT default passwords as soon as you buy them.

Get a tool for scanning

Install a scanner software tool which can detect weak devices. These tools will help you to detect devices that are exposed to public networks. Once you detect a device that poses a threat, change the login credentials and passwords immediately.

Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Smart Homes

Upgrade security features

This may take up a lot of your time; however it is worth spending the time as well as effort. Change all default configurations after you purchase an IoT device. The default settings can be accessed by many, so it is always safer to learn about the security settings, especially the advanced settings and then change all factory defaults.

Disconnect when not required

You will not require all the devices the whole day. So make sure to disconnect those which are not needed. Turn off the wifi connections as soon as their functions are over. During the night hours, you will not need many devices. Keeping all connected to the wifi router will surely expose the devices to risk. If there are no emergencies, it is best to turn off the wifi router at night. This, of course, depends on your comfort and convenience.

Segmentation of network

Another smart idea to enhance security is to have separate networks for different devices. The wireless router will allow you to segment the network for separate systems. This way if someone breaks into your main system, they will not get access to the other segmented networks. Do not use common passwords either. If you have a guest wifi, keep a password separately for that. Do not allow strangers to access your wifi connection. Make sure you know who you are providing access to.

Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Smart Homes

Proper fixation

One simple measure you can adopt is to secure your devices firmly to flat surfaces. The hacker should find it difficult to tamper with the device. If nothing else, this can give you time to call out for help.

In the near future, you can expect devices which can be connected to the wifi router to assure that all the devices are secure. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So don’t forget to take these precautionary measures.

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